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A few snippets from the Templetonian by Elva McLean

June 29, 2011

A few snippets taken from The Templetonian, the company’s in-house magazine, reflects the era of over fifty years ago, none more so than the obituary for John Eadie, M.B.E.   John died in 1957 at the age of eighty-nine, having worked at Templetons in the Design Room for three months short of seventy five years.  In itself, it is a remarkable feat and the MBE that he received was in recognition of his long service.  It certainly puts into perspective the present angst about working into our mid-sixties and beyond, but then again expectations are so much higher now than in John Eadie’s lifetime.

John Eadie, with fellow colleagues from the Albert design department, standing at the piano

John Eadie in 1938, after 56 years of service with Templeton


On a lighter note, the Templetonian employees were invited to submit articles, poems and the like, a sample of which is given below:

                                    ODE TO A SWEET YOUNG THING 

                        There’s a mill o’ bright colours that faces the Green,

                        And a bonnier buildin’ there never was seen;

                        And there you’ll find beauty and wisdom and skill

                        Amongst the braw lassies o’ Templeton Mill.


                        Then here’s to oor sturdy Scotch lassies sae braw,

                        And here’s to the English and Irish an a’,

                        Wha are a’ very nice and respectable –still

                        There are nane like the lassies o’ Templeton’s Mill.


Even a joke page appeared from time to time with such debatable gems as : –


What is the chief cause of divorce?



You can judge the true state of your mind by whether the word “bikini” reminds you of an atoll or nothing atoll.


To cap it all, the page below is an extract from the Spring 1963 edition, reminding the readers that the Company’s paternalistic approach encompasses all aspects of the carpet trade.


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  1. Graeme Smith permalink
    July 28, 2011 10:27 am

    John Eadie was a brother of the distinguished Glasgow artist Robert Eadie RSW, see details of that branch of the family at
    Descendants of John Eadie continue to live in the South side of the city

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