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The Templeton Building: Past and Present

June 19, 2011


With the project drawing to a close, the Stoddard Templeton team thought it only right to have a night out on the tiles carpet.  We agreed unanimously that there was no better place to celebrate our efforts than in the grandeur of the Templeton Building on Glasgow Green where the majority of the archival materials with which we have been dealing for the past few months originated.  Now home to a German brewery, bar and restaurant, the Templeton Building has retained many of its original architectural features and gives a real sense of the unique luxuriousness that must have characterised the factory in years gone by.  Whilst its exterior façade of enamel, red brick and terracotta is evocative of the vibrant patterns to be found in the design collection, its interior is dominated by a beautiful timber floor which is punctuated by a number of concrete blocks as if to declare that the industrial machinery and employees who are so central to the corporate records once stood there.  The cacophony of noise and activity that they once created exists in imagination alone for the machinery and workers have now been replaced by a never-ending stream of diners, party-goers and wedding guests.  Whether a site of Scottish industry or a place of leisure and recreation, however, one thing has remained reassuringly constant since 1892: the Templeton Building’s centrality to life in Glasgow.   


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