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Club 21 placement comes to an end…

March 18, 2011

I have been involved in the process to catalogue designs in the archives as part of my Club 21 placement.  My time here has been extremely enjoyable and has allowed me the opportunity to see a variety of designs ranging from the late 1800s to 1960s.  It has been amazing to see close up the care and attention to detail involved in the creation of the design sketches, some of which would also look beautiful on their own as a painting.

Throughout my placement, I noted that nature really influenced the designs with the more usual examples of greens, foliage and intricate floral patterns, as well as the more peculiar examples, such as a design based on haemoglobin from the 1951 Festival of Britain. 

The designs which I particularly enjoyed cataloguing were the art nouveau styles and the psychedelic patterns from the 1960s.  Although it is now hard to imagine these bright, fun sketches being developed into carpets today, it is interesting to see how styles have dramatically changed over the years and the archive clearly allows people to see that development.

Mhairi Grant.

For more information about Club 21 placements click here.

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