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The Templetonian and the Glenpatrick Journal

March 8, 2011

The Templetonian and The Glenpatrick Journal were the house magazines of Templeton and Stoddard respectively and have been one of the best finds from amongst the Stoddard Templeton corporate records.

These two publications contain a wealth of information and provide a unique insight into the history of the two companies with articles covering topics such as special carpet commissions, company events, staff sports teams and employee weddings.

One particulary interesting article is pictured above and from it we learn that in the Design Studio:

“Nothing of the outsider’s conception of normal office routine belongs here. The man you may find staring out of a window is not idling his time away. Nature’s combination of colours between the shadows on the burn and the ivy on the old stone wall might well provide a key to next year’s best-seller. The texture of the wall itself could inspire the design. It must be photographed in the mind now for, if the light changes, it will be lost forever.”

We are also told that in an average year Design Studio staff “can sharpen away 475 pencils, wear out 97 erasers and apply 700 lb. of paint to some 10,500 square inches of paper, at the expense of 960 brushes”.  This provides a greater understanding of the design process and gives some fascinating context for the design sketches and drawings that make up the Stoddard Templeton Design Archive.

These are an excellent resource for researchers interested in the history of Stoddard or Templeton and family historians whose relatives worked for the companies.

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