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Cataloguing the Stoddard Templeton Design Archive

February 11, 2011

The Stoddard Templeton Design Archive is based in Glasgow University Archive Services.  In order to catalogue the collection we have taken over the 4th floor at the top of the repository in Thurso Street.

The design archive was delivered in the original plan chests direct from Stoddard International plc, and is made up of 142 drawers.  Each drawer is numbered and has been given a title – for example – Drawer 123 is titled ‘Morris/Art Nouveau’,  and they contain between 25 and 175 designs, all of which need to be catalogued individually.

Part of our remit is to repackage the design archive into archival quality folders in order to ensure the long term preservation of the designs. Thus we have been making folders of various dimensions.

We catalogue each drawer separately, capturing all the relevant information.  Once catalogued the designs are ready to be repackaged. Then they can be stored in our new plan chests.

In addition to the design sketches and patterns contained in the plan chests, we also have a variety of associated design records.

The associated design records are also being catalogued and repackaged in archival boxes.

To date the project is progressing well and the cataloguing process should be complete by the end of summer 2011.

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  1. August 21, 2012 9:13 pm

    I am trying to confirm the fact that the firm of A.H.Davenport of Boston Massachusetts USA
    bought a Chenille carpet from Templetons for The Iolani Palace in Hawaii in The Mid 1890.s

    • Clare Paterson permalink*
      August 22, 2012 11:39 am

      Dear David,

      Thanks for your comment. In the James Templeton & Co corporate archive, we hold an export record book dating from the late 19th century (ref: STOD/201/2/10/4). We will have a look at this and let you know if there is any entry for this sale.

      Best wishes,
      Clare Paterson

      Assistant Archivist (Scottish Business Archive)

      • August 22, 2012 12:40 pm

        Thank you for your prompt response.The Carpet may have been purchased directly from Templetons by The Iolani Palace in Hawaii or by the Court Chamberlain,a Col,C,H,Judd.
        They were in England in !881 . Aw2aiting your news with interest ,
        David N.Luckham
        Please visit our Living Looms website to find out more about our longterm project.
        We are in need of spreading the news and were delighted when we were advised that
        this most important archive had found a safe place .

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